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Importance of Dead body Freezer box

A freezer box keeps a dead body frozen for a few hours before cremation and exhibits a body to family, friends, and relatives. Kumar Funeral Services can help you rent a dead body freezer box near you anyplace in India. Call 8088131863/9606222446 or visit kumarfuneralservices.com. To rent a dead body freezer box in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and other Indian cities, call 8088131863/9606222446 or visit kumarfuneralservices.com.

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You may order a dead body freezer box by contacting 24*7. To know more about the freezer box and its use, read the entire article.

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Importance Of Dead Body Freezer Box

 Dead body freezer box purpose: 

A freezer box, also known as a dead body box, a mortuary box, or a dead body freezer box, also an ice box, is a freezer box intended to keep a deceased person’s body from decomposing for a few hours. The box will have a cabinet to hold the human body and a device to keep the cabinet at a lower temperature.

The body of a dead person must be maintained after death for various reasons; autopsy, identification, and a proper burial or cremation are all included. The body can be preserved through embalming, mummification, or freezing. In the event that a body is discovered, it is usually stored in morgues or mortuary chambers.

In most cases, the freezer box for dead bodies is portable or integrated inside the mortuary van. This freezer box was designed with this in mind. The outer body of a dead body freezer box is usually made of stainless steel or glass to avoid contamination or contact with the diseased body. The majority of dead body ice boxes include a stainless steel lower bottom and a glass top body, making them suitable for display. By electricity, the inner cabinet of the dead body freezer box is kept at a lower temperature.

The dead body freezer box will commonly weigh 80 to 100 kg and have dimensions of 7*4*3 (length* width* height); however, it can customize the size depending on the needs.

Required. Freezer boxes will have a freezing temperature range of 0 to 8 degrees Celsius. There is also a mortuary box with a temperature range of -2 to -30 degrees Celsius, which is often used by the forensic department when a body has to be preserved for extended durations for autopsy or for other legal reasons may keep the body for months.

The dead body freezer box does not stop the decomposition process but slows it down because of the lower temperature. Depending on the freezing temperature and the materials utilized, a commercially available dead body freezer box will generally keep the body from decaying for 24 to 48 hours.

A freezer box is most important so that the dead body can be stored for a few days until the dead person is cremated or for other legal inquiries.

In India, a dead body icebox can exhibit the ailing person’s body to friends, family, and relatives as part of rituals/the final process, which includes a glass upper half so visitors may see the deceased’s body.

A mortuary van with a freezer box is required if a deceased person needs to transfer from one city to another. This truck is a customized vehicle developed to transport dead bodies over great distances and is equipped with a freezer box. This freezer box can be charged by a car battery and keeps the body from decomposing while the vehicle is driving. Freezer box-equipped vehicles will have somewhat higher fees than standard mortuary vans. In the case of long-distance transportation, a dead body freezer box is not necessary because the dead will be frozen.

Price ranges vary from one place to another and are subject to availability.

After each usage, all professional ambulance vendors clean the ambulance freezer box, sterilize the inside chamber, and then expose the inner cabinet to air and heat to properly dry it.

The dead body freezer box will not come with a built-in stretcher, but it can be custom-designed or a standard wheelbase utilized to make the freezer box portable.

Batteries will not power the vast majority of the dead body freezer boxes. On the other hand, the generator has been employed as a backup power source for the freezer box.

You can rent the freezer box in advance. You must confirm for us to reserve a freezer box for you.

Kumar Funeral Services has a network of ambulance vendors throughout India, and you may hire a dead body freezer box in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. Kumar Funeral Services has a network across places such as Mysore, Hubli, Coimbatore, and other major cities. We have also provided a dead body freezer box. Kumar Funeral Services will select the nearest partner and assign the order to them, with the assistance of our closest ambulance partners, to villages.

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