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Dead Body Transport Service: Steps To Follow

It might be a difficult effort to get proper Dead Body Transport Service by road in Indian cities. The majority of individuals lack the necessary information and contacts to execute the work at hand. As a result, whether you’re transporting a deceased from Bangalore to another part of the country, this article will be an excellent resource.

It may be essential to avail dead body transport service by air from one city to another in some instances. So, if you need to move a body inside a city, such as from Bangalore to Bijapur, a mortuary van or ambulance with a freezer box may be the most convenient form of transportation.

However, one must always be ready to grasp the procedure completely. There are certain guidelines regulating the transportation of a deceased person by road. Transporting a body through a mortuary ambulance is simpler and requires no documentation other than a doctor’s or hospital’s death certificate. When transporting a dead body or human remains across a long distance or to another nation isn’t practicable, you’ll have to contemplate flying the body or human remains. We want to make sure you’re familiar with these procedures so you can relocate your beloved on schedule and for the lowest feasible price.

It is difficult to transport deadbody by air for variety of reasons. The first is that you must complete several paperwork and regulations. We are available to manage everything properly and on schedule if you are overworked and frustrated by the entire procedure. For additional information or assistance on dead body transportation from Bangalore to other cities or neighboring states/cities, simply call us at +91 8088131863/9606222446. Alternatively, if you’ve opted to take on this obligation on your own, we’ll explain the process:

  1. Arrange all the necessary documents.
  2. Book Air cargo Service tickets online.
  3. Make arrangements for funeral services.
  4. Arrange an Ambulance or Mortuary Transport.

Step 1: Arrange all the necessary documents.

1. Hospital authorization and death certificate

To begin, contact the doctor who will be responsible for issuing a death certificate or hospital clearance that includes the cause of death. Make sure the death certificate or clearance form states that the death was caused by COVID.

To prevent any additional problems with air cargo, make sure the certificate and other documentation are written in English rather than the state’s native tongue.

Documents such as the post-mortem report or the police FIR must be required if the person died in an unnatural manner.

2.A letter of authorization from the local police station

To transport the deceased on a freight flight, a No-Objection Certificate must be obtained from the local police station (NOC).

Before presenting Officials may ask about the dead and the circumstances of their death before issuing the NOC. Make sure you respond calmly to everything.

3.Certificate of Embalming

Embalming is the process of removing bodily fluids and replacing them with chemicals.

This procedure aids in the prevention or delay of human body decomposition. Whether traveling abroad or domestically with a deceased person, embalming is required.

Any government or private hospital can do the surgery. They will then present you with a signed and sealed certificate.

4. Coffin Box Services and Certificates

The next step is to choose a skilled undertaker that can assist you with timely coffin box arrangements. Your loved ones will be placed in these boxes and sealed to ensure a smooth and safe flight.

5. Photographs and identification

Finally, you must present an ID card as verification. This might be the deceased’s Aadhaar Card, Driver’s License, or any other document that could be used to obtain approval.

Step 2: Book Air cargo Service tickets online.

After you’ve gathered all of the relevant documentation, you may order freight services and tickets. Human remains or deceased bodies are only accepted and transported by a few aviation services. i.e. Dead Transport Service by air is taken up by only few aviation companies

As a consequence, it’s critical to seek for such services and then call to enquire about all of the details. The air cargo department informs customers about the availability and schedule of the next trip.

If at all feasible, book human remains air freight services online. You will be required to travel in numerous scenarios.

Make a reservation at the location

If you need to travel with anyone, you must purchase a ticket for the both of you.

If you intend to go alone, you must provide the recipient’s details.

Step 3: Make arrangements for funeral services.

Before transferring your loved ones to the airport, you’ll need to keep them at a mortuary facility. It will help preserve the body of your lost loved one.

You can choose between using a private or public mortuary. If you’re unsure who to contact, call us at +91 8088131863/9606222446 for assistance. Within a few hours, we’ll set up the funeral home.

To transport the dead to the mortuary, arrange for an ambulance with a freezer box.

Step 4: Arrange an Ambulance or Mortuary Transport.

After you’ve completed all of the previous measures, it’s time to carry the deceased in an ambulance or funeral vehicle. We’ve got a simple fix for that. For prompt transportation, book our Kumar Funeral Services ambulance service.

Getting documentation in place takes a long time and requires a great deal of tolerance. Kumar Funeral Services will handle everything from scratch, including all paperwork. We designate a local partner to assist you throughout the process who is familiar with all phases and has all of the required contacts to receive paperwork from the appropriate authorities on time. You can Call +91 8088131863/9606222446 for more information or to arrange a service.

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