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Mortuary Services In Bangalore

The benefits of this Mortuary Services to the customers are customers can visit our place 24X7 facilities for transporting to the desirable places of the customer.

Mortuary Services In Bangalore

Mortuary Services is one of the unique services provided in south India. there are only a few other service providers in the private sector in Bangalore. The main purpose is for the preservation of dead bodies in the cold storage cabinet. We follow all statutory requirements to preserve the dead bodies. It is preserved under strict vigil and almost hedonic conditions. The benefits of this Mortuary Services to the customers are customers can visit our place 24X7 facilities for transporting to the desirable places of the customer.


After funeral procedures (i.e. Death Certificate, Police Clearance, etc.) we arrange to collect the body of your loved one and preserve it in the mortuary of reputed hospitals in the city.

The embalming procedure preserves the body for a longer time, until the funeral day. On the appointed funeral day, we will return the body,
looking fresh, for the funeral rites.


Mortuary Services in Bangalore

The Department of Forensic Medicine provides the Mortuary services and preserves dead bodies under the following situations:

  1. The MLC deaths of the South and South East district of state of Delhi.
  2. The MLC deaths of patients of other state/districts dying in AIIMS during treatment.
  3. Non-MLC deaths of patients dying in AIIMS during treatment.
  4. Due to limited capacity in the cold chambers, Non-MLC deaths other than those dying in the hospital will be preserved only after considering the available space in cold chambers, rationale and need of the relatives.

Custody Of MLC Bodies

  • As per the law of land, the custodian of dead bodies in all cases of deaths where further legal investigations are required is the jurisdictional police.
  • The hospital acts as a facilitator for preserving the dead bodies till police investigations are going on.
  • The custody and responsibility of body directly lies with the Police without any third party intervention.
  • The request for preservation is entertained by authorized doctors of AIIMS who write as “allowed to be preserved in morgue under the custody of police”.
  • In absence of custodian police the possibility of exchange of dead bodies in this situation also exists.
  • The department provides logistics like space, morgue cabinets and class IV assistants for local shifting of the dead bodies.
  • To summarize, it is the responsibility of the police personnel for taking 24 hours care of all such dead bodies of MLCs and maintaining safe legal custody of the MLC corpse.

Preservation of MLC Dead Bodies Dying Outside AIIMS

  • The police personnel preserving the body must ensure that tag/ Label indicating the name of police post with FIR/DD number has been put on the dead body by the police for purposes of identification.
  • No dead body will be received and stored in the cold storage without any identity tags/labels.
  • The permission for preservation of the body has to be taken from the officer Incharge on duty by filling a request form.
  • In case of unknown bodies, the postmortem examination should be conducted as soon as possible after 72 hrs of death to avoid decomposition changes which may hinder the determination of cause & manner of death.

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