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Pet cremation services in Bangalore

Seeing anyone on their last days is very hard and heartbreaking as well. Even the emotions and pain don’t allow us to do anything. At that time, making ritual arrangements was almost impossible. We all have to face this one day or the other in our lives, whether we agree or not. 

In order to give them peace of the soul, we must perform all the rituals and arrangements that should be done after one’s life expires. During that tough time, Kumar Funeral Services helps to provide all services from beginning to end. From freezer boxes to obituary services, Kumar Funeral Services can do it all.

Pets, unfortunately, have a much shorter lifespan than humans. The grief that follows the death of a pet, a beloved member of the family, can be overwhelming. After a pet dies, the family must make important decisions, such as what to do with the body and how to memorialize their pet. Some families decide to bury their pet. Others, on the other hand, will choose to cremate their beloved pet and create a unique memorial with their pet’s ashes.

Nowadays, we can see that in many houses there will be pets. Of course, for every pet owner, the pets will be part of their family. Every pet will be treated as their own kid, with lots of affection and love. We get the same love from our pets too. 

Everyone prefers to have a dog, cat, or bird as a pet; after all, dogs are said to be man’s best friend. Cats are the cutest and most adorable pets.

Why should Pets get cremated?

Losing pets is really painful and grieving. We can overcome the human death situation, but it takes a lot of time to overcome our own pet’s death. It’s really hard for every pet owner. They feel like they have lost their source of unconditional love.

Aside from that, saying your final goodbye to your pet should be fitting and a tribute. Every pet requires the same cremation services that are available to humans. Everyone should respect their pets’ deaths like how they respect human deaths and follow the procedures because pets are not less than humans. Few will be concerned regarding pet cremation.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you and lead you to the right procedures for the cremation of your pets. We are one of the proud pet cremation services in Bangalore.

Should pets be buried or cremated?

This is simply a family preference, and there is no right or wrong answer. More than 90% of pets are cremated, with less than 10% being buried. This cremation rate is significantly higher than the human cremation rate—roughly half of  all individuals are cremated.

Kumar Funeral Services  provide services like:

  1. Pet Funeral arrangements.
  2. Pet cremation services.
  3. Transportation services(mortuary van).
  4. Freezer box services.
  5. Priest and pandit for last rites.
  6. Obituary services.

Pet Funeral arrangements: 

We assure you that you don’t waste your last moments with your pets worrying about their final rites, everything is taken care of by us.

Pet Cremation Services:

We’ll take care of everything so you may mourn in peace and remember them. We can assist you in planning a memorable and meaningful memorial for your pet cremation. The cremation process depending on the weight of the pet takes 1 to 2 hours. 

Many frequently ask why they don’t get the ashes of their pet on the same day? Because we take care that the pet body is properly prepared for the cremation and all the cremation processes are implemented so that prevents us from providing the ashes of your pet on the same day.

Transportation services:

Every pet’s body should be returned to its last resting place. There are regulations governing the transportation of the dying. Contact Kumar funeral services to take advantage of our low-cost, convenient transportation service.

Freezer box services:

Freezer box service is offered if your pet is not only close to you but also to your siblings or relatives who live far away and don’t want to miss your pet’s final farewell. You can keep the pet’s body in the freezer box with the lid closed until the rest of the cremation procedure is completed. 

This is mostly to prevent decomposition and odor that spreads from your pet’s deceased body. Everyone that loves their pet can have their final view and respect by using a freezer box.

Priest and pandit for last rites:

According to Hindus and other religions, they consult a priest or a pandit for human last rites because it is believed that a few poojas and worship are performed on the aathma in order for it to reach heaven.

Every living being has to be well and respected at their final farewell. Why shouldn’t you choose this service for your adorable and beloved pets? People who think pets are more important than humans, then they follow their religion’s procedures and appoint a priest or pandit for the last rites of their pets. 

You need not worry about the priest or pandit. We are here to help you provide the best priest or pandit who will commence all the rituals with exact procedures for your pet’s last rites.

Obituary Services:

Finally, the ritual for saying your final goodbyes to your pet is crucial. You are already grieving the loss of your most cherished pet, and notifying your siblings or relatives may add to your grief. As a result, we assist you in reaching out to all of your family to spread the word and determine whether or not they want to attend the final farewell.


Never give up hope. Be brave and courageous in the face of adversity. Losing someone is more painful, but Kumar Funeral Services are here to help you say your final goodbyes and pay tribute to your beloved pets with care and respect. If you have any questions about pet cremation services or pet cremation services in Bangalore, you may call Kumar funeral services. We are always here to assist you.

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