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Life and death are the only certain and the most unpredictable things. No one knows what is going to happen next. Thus, we all should cherish every second of living as well prepared for death.

Though such quotes and wisdom talks sound very grateful. Whenever the time of death comes it shakes us up to the core, and it’s very sorrowful. Especially when we have to experience someone from our close circle going. Especially in these last 2 years coronavirus has put a deep fear of death in everyone’s heart. Kumar Funeral services not only understands the grief and pain of the family. But also knows the help they need in case of death. Thus, we offer cold storage service room in Bengaluru. Which preserve the body of your lost loved one and prevent it from further decay. Let us look at some pointers you should know before hiring the cold storage service in Bengaluru.

What is Cold Storage Room?

After demise, a person’s body starts to decay due to the shutdown. And of their regular functions, lack of oxygen, and other movements in their body. This process starts within a few hours of the demise. If there is a situation that requires a delay in the last rites, the body will get deteriorated and not be fit for the funeral ceremony. And thus a cold storage room is what you should look for. 

  • What is embalming?

Post demise, either for religious or sanitation purposes. It might need keeping the body intact and not letting it decay to increase longevity. In such situations, you may hire a funeral service near you to look after the body. After washing the body with disinfectants to remove the infectious bacteria from the body. They clean the body where all the blood has removed and replaced with formaldehyde-based chemical products. All the major organs of the person such as eyes, jaws, hair, and even teeth has kept intact and fixated in their respective places. Even the other internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, and emptying of the intestines of any gas or fluids and preserved. This process is called embalming after which the body is put into a coffin.

How can a Freezer box be any help?

Generally, people use the embalming process to preserve a body using chemicals for funerals and transportation purposes. But, at times, the wait can be much longer and embalming isn’t enough to keep the body away from decay. At such times one needs to look for a dead body freezer box rental to make sure that the body is kept intact until either the wait is over or the dead body freezer box has been transported to the native. It is essential because once bodily functions stop, it starts to decay. In a freezer box, the low temperature ensures to keep this from happening.

  • How long can a freezer box keep the body intact?

A freezer box is designed to keep the temperature enough low to preserve the body and prolong it for transportation and funeral ceremonies. But there can not be given any assurity about how long a freezer box will work. Why? Because under different situations and atmospheres the freezer box might work differently. Thus, when looking for a Freezer box to rent you should better consider a local or nearby service provider. They know the atmosphere around you and thus they make body freezer boxes in a way to maintain temperature and avoid damage. Kumar Funeral Services offers services for the Freezer box in India and ensures prolonged effect and easy movability.

How soon can the freezer box rental firm provide a box?

If you are looking for a freezer box on rent, you must be going through a sorrowful time and your main focus is to get the preservation process starts as soon as possible. Thus, we at Kumar funeral services offer freezer box services and cold storage services with quick service and easy availability throughout India. The surroundings and weather impact on a dead body is also different and so it is crucial to use a freeze box as soon as possible. We have a quite big availability to ensure that the freezer box is provided within a few hours for anyone in need.

We understand the situation of the grieving family and put our best efforts to lessen the responsibilities of all the hassle of finding cold storage services in India on the deceased’s nears and dears. 

So, if you are going through such unfortunate times and looking for a helping hand contact us and let us take over because we understand your pain.

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