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Everything You Should Know About Cold Storage

 When there is death of loved one it is very difficult to make decisions. It is very important for a immediate family member to make quick and wise decisions with respect to funeral services.

It is very important to preserve the body if the cremation is going to take a long time. Kumar International Services provide Cold Storage Box which is also known as Freezer box service. These boxes help in preserving the body intact by preventing decomposition.

Also these freezer boxes play a vital role while the dead body transport from one place to another. Whether you are transporting the body through an Air Ambulance, Dead Body Transport through Train, Dead body Transport through Road, Freezer box or Ice Box which is a cold storage box is mandatory.

what is cold storage?

The cold storage box that it is for preserving the dead body is also known as Dead body Freezer Box. Is is also called by other names such as Morgue box, Dead Body refrigerator, Mortuary Fridge, or Mortuary chambers.

There is a difference between Dead Body Freezer Box and  Mortuary Cold Storage Service. In Mortuary Service we help you preserve the body for as as long as you want to. If the funeral service is happening after more than 24 hours after the death then freezer box will put in place in your premises by our team. The same will has taken back after the rituals.

We also provide end to end funeral services for all caste and religion as per your customs.

A refrigerant used in cold storage

  • Refrigeration system powered by an advanced low noise high performance refrigeration system using Reciprocating Compressor
  • CFC- Free, commercially available refrigerants when utilized: R314a or R404a

This way the dead body freezer box low temperature makes the body to reach frozen state and the rate of decomposition is low.

When should you put a dead body in the freezer?

Like we have already explained above, when the funeral is going to start after more than 24 hours or if you want to keep the body for a longer time then you can choose Dead Body Freezer Box Services.

You can contact Kumar International Services on  9606222446 for quick delivery of freezer box. Our staffs are professional and specialised in funeral services. They have trained on installing the freezer box and also addressing the issue pertaining to it.

Apart from assisting you we also provide end to end funeral packages which includes Priest, chatta, earthen pots, flowers. Hearse van etc. It is very important to carry out the last rites very carefully as it gives the your loved one a dignified goodbye.

Freezer Box Rental Service Provider:

Cold storage services still provided throughout  India. Its very expensive and waste of money if you buy a freezer box, its a wise decision to take Freezer box on rental basis. Kumar Funeral Service provides freezer box on rental basis at a very affordable price.

We offer freezer box service in Bangalore for rent at short notice. Our team delivers Freezer box to your doorstep. In case you want assistance  in shifting the freezer box upstairs, our trained team will help you do it.

Here are some of the features of Freezer Box:

  • Attached glass for a stainless steel body
  • Interiors with light having sufficient space
  • Energy efficient cooling system
  • The box is neatly cleaned and sanitised after every usage

Cold Storage in Hyderabad:

Kumar International has established its presence all over India and hence we can provide Freezer box and cremation services in Hyderabad. All you have to do is just give us a call on 9606222446 and we will be there to help you in your difficult times.

Cold Storage Service In Bangalore:

We provide Cold Storage Freezer Box  service throughout Bangalore. All you have to do is give us a call on 9606222446 and our team will assist you in all further things.

Once the Freezer Box has delivered to your location you can take assistance of our funeral director to carryout further procedures.

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